Turtle Island Recycling Corp.

242 Cherry St.
Toronto, ON M5A 3L2
Tel: 416-406-2040
Fax: 416-406-2044


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Turtle Island Recycling Corp.

Company Overview

About Us

Located in the port of Toronto, Turtle Island Recycling operates two 60,000 sq ft facilities complete with seven large industrial balers, a series of automated sorting stations and three industrial shredders. The company’s fleet of 61 refuse and recycling vehicles operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. Established in 1990, Turtle Island Recycling is Canadian owned employing over 250 people and services over 1,800 industrial and commercial customers and over 150,000 residential customers.

Turtle Island is a true multi-material recovery company. Waste streams of paper, glass, metal and plastic as well as non-traditional materials are accepted regularly. Once received at our facility, the different items are logged, weighed and diverted to the appropriate area of our plant for processing.

“Recycling works and it works well, as long as the programs are easy to use and reliable. Training and awareness of a recycling program for employees who are responsible for its success are two important components for success.”

The success of most programs are attributed to the employees, and rightfully so. Turtle Island’s training mission is to make the information that is given out easy to understand and easy to implement.

Environmental reports on the types and volumes of waste generated and recyclables diverted have become vital in monitoring the success of any recycling program. Reports guage how well the program is doing and have a positive impact with employees when they are published.

Turtle Island’s intention is to divert as much from landfill as possible. Over the years, Turtle Island Recycling has found and maintained markets for materials that other recycling companies have avoided. The company’s service philosophy is centered on flexibility and convenience for the customer.

Turtle Island operates under Ministry of Environmental Licenses A841503 and A680139.

Company History

The Turtle Island Recycling Company is a multi-material recycling and waste removal company that provides service for the collection of recyclables from small business to large corporations. In the early 1990s, Ted Manziaris and Louis Anagnostakos were two young entrepreneurs. Recycling at this time was a new concept with relatively little support from business or government. However, Ted and Louis, as they would come to be known throughout the industry, believed recycling to be one of the emerging opportunities of the 90’s.

Armed with a borrowed station wagon, a 10" x 10" room and determination, Ted and Louis began collection previously discarded materials from a variety of business sources. Learning on the fly, with 18 hour days and 7 day weeks, Turtle Island Recycling has grown into a sustainable recycling business.

Their commitment to service the customer, treat them literally as their “partners” and their passion to function as a ethical business with environmental responsibility has brought Turtle Island Recycling to be one of the major recycling companies in the Toronto area.

The station wagon has been replaced with a new fleet of trucks, including roll-offs, cube vans, five ton straight trucks, a rear packer and tractor trailers, available to meet individual requirements of their customers. The 10" x 10" room has been replaced by a state of the art 60,000 square foot processing facility. Turtle Island Recycling employs over 250 people with very little turnover. Ted and Louis listen to all suggestions from their staff and they are really made to feel like they are part of the team.


Environmental Audits and Programs
Confidential Shredding
Commodity Marketing
Product Destruction
Bin Service
Transfer Station
Global Operations
Municipal Collection and Material Recycling Facility Management

Products collected include:

Paper and Cardboard
Mix Drink Containers
Organic Waste
Rigid plastic
Film plastic
Construction waste
General waste
Confidential shredding
Destruction of obsolete/defective product
Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Wood pallets

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